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Accessibility Toolkit

The Toolkit provides businesses with an easy to follow ‘Do it Yourself’ review process, to identify the accessibility of their services and facilities. The toolkit includes best practices on accessibility and allows businesses to review their own situations, identifying gaps in services, while also supporting awareness raising on the importance of accessibility, for a range of diverse accessibility needs. Once completed, specific accessibility information, including images, will then be uploaded and promoted on the Accessible AD App and through the Website for one year. There are also opportunities to update the accessibility information throughout the year.

Events Accessibility Planning
When planning an event, we can all agree that there is one universal goal- to ensure everyone is able to have a fantastic time. More often than not, accommodating accessibility is usually more of an afterthought in event planning, and in some cases is not consider at all. We have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses plan events that are accessible and inclusive for all, where everyone can equally enjoy a memorable event.
Accessibility Consultancy
Our accessibility experts apply their knowledge and expertise to review the accessibility of the services and facilities of a business. We provide businesses with a better understanding of the level of accessibility they offer, and provide recommendations that will enhance the accessibility of their services and facilities. Many changes can be made with minimum investments. Not all changes needed to enhance accessibility are expensive. We aim to identify cost effective ways in which businesses can provide a great service to all customers. Our Consultancy services also include the option to review new development plans and designs and help organizations have universal and inclusive designs for all, from the beginning.
We deliver bespoke, high-quality staff training in all areas of accessibility, to businesses who want to provide a dignified and respectful service to all its customers. And by doing so, can increase their customer base by attracting more customers with diverse accessibility needs. Accessible AD understands the accessibility needs of customers and we work closely with businesses to identify the accessibility knowledge and training needs of staff.
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